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Need someone to help you manage your Pinterest account?

Pinterest Management Services

I can help you boost traffic to your site using Pinterest with my services, whether you need help setting up your Pinterest account, managing your boards, or creating beautiful pins.

Want to Guest Post for Me?

I accept guest posts from other mommy bloggers with similar audiences.  Check out my guest post rules below.

Hi! I’m Angela, owner of the blog Natural Born Mommy.  Using my background as a child therapist, I write about motherhood, parenting, and mental health on the side.  I’ve also tutored students online in essay-writing.  As someone who’s struggled with overwhelming student loan debt, I’m all about helping other bloggers to reach their goals so that they can live their dreams and don’t have to feel bogged down by debt.

I’m also an avid lover of Pinterest!  I’ve taken courses on using Pinterest and managing Pinterest accounts for other business owners, and I love to share my knowledge with others.  In my third month of blogging, I reached 10,000 page views in a month via the power of Pinterest.  And even though my blog and Pinterest account are fairly new, I get about 100K monthly views on Pinterest.

Writing blog posts and using Pinterest to grow your blog can be time-consuming.  But I’m here to help you out with those things so that you can focus on other areas of your business and reach your goals sooner!

Pinterest Management Services

Account Creation

Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly active users.  So if your audience is on it, then YOU need to be on it.  Need help just diving in and getting your account off the ground?  I’ll set up your profile and create 15 boards with 50 pins for you.

Board Optimization

Clean, well-organized boards lead to more followers and re-pins.  So if your boards are a mess, get a Pinterest board makeover! Your boards will be organized and optimized for searching and traffic.

Account Management

In order to get the most out of Pinterest, you need to be pinning every single day, monitoring your analytics, and following other pinners and group boards regularly.  But you’re busy! So have someone else (me!) manage your account from month to month to keep your traffic flowing.

Graphic Creation

You want to drive people to your site via beautiful pin images, and you want pinners to start recognizing your brand through those images.  Not the best at creating pins?  I’ll create a beautiful pin image that matches your brand for you.

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Writing & Editing Services


Guest Post Writing Rules

At this time, I’m only accepting guest posts from mom blogs and parenting blogs.


  • The post must be informative (not just a personal story).
  • 1000-2000 words
  • Use proper headings and subheadings
  • No affiliate links
  • I prefer to link readers to other relevant posts on my site, so please keep external links to a minimum.
  • No direct links back to your site.  Your blog link will be included in the bio.
  • Please include a bio, personal bio picture, and url/social media links when submitting.
  • I may make minor changes to grammar and formatting for SEO and readability. 

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