Hey there, Mommy!

I’m Angela, and this is my beautiful daughter!


Before I had her, I was a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Therapist.  I provided therapy to kids and “trained” parents on how to manage their kids’ behaviors.


I invested a lot of time and money to become a therapist, between getting a graduate degree, certification, and licensure.


But I always knew that what I really wanted to do… and what I was really meant to do… was stay at home and raise kids of my own.


My daughter brings so much purpose to my life, and being a mommy is what I was meant to be.


And because of my background, I feel like I am able to handle whatever behaviors she wants to throw my way.


The other mommy stuff – Well, I’m just like you on that… figuring things out as I go along.

So how can I help you?


Natural Born Mommy is all about giving you

research-based, therapist-approved

parenting tips to help take a lot of the

confusion and frustration

out of parenting for you!


Natural Born Mommy is also here to give you

other useful mommy hacks

in order to make life easier for you.

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