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I’m so happy to be featuring this guest post by Crisanne from crisannewithane.com.  I love her unique ideas on literary gifts for children because reading with your kids at an early age is so important.  And sometimes it can be hard to make reading fun.  Can’t wait to try these out as my daughter gets older!  Thanks, Crisanne!


Kid’s Literary Gift Guide 2017


Looking for a gift for your young reader this holiday season? Check out this unique list of books and book-related products that are sure to impress!

The Gift of Self-Publishing:

Do you have an aspiring writer or illustrator? Lulu, the self-publishing giant, has a branch called Lulu Junior. They have multiple DIY Book Making Kits available, containing guides, templates, visuals, and thorough instructions to take your writer through the whole publishing process. How fun is that?

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Illustory DIY Bookmaking Kits image







Because They Love Reading on a Tablet:

Epic, the “leading digital library for kids 12 & under” is a subscription-based, online library of 25,000 books.  At just $7.99/month, it really does seem like a Netflix of kids’ books!

Epic digital library image Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017






To Get Them Excited About School Again:

Send them back to school with some of the world’s finest pencils. CW Pencils in New York offers this back-to-school essentials box, which is currently in stock (not always the case)! You can also purchase pencils individually. How can a pencil be so amazing? The owner knows her stuff! Her life is pencils, and you can check it out here.

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - back to school essentials box








To Make Their Bookshelves Bloom:

Oh my goodness, these books are beautiful! They are also on my Christmas list! The covers are designed by Rifle Paper Co., a trendsetting design company, and are a stunning addition to any bookshelf.

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Decorative Books image





A Safe Space to Hang out Online:

Have you heard of Biblionasium? Or Bookopolis? Both are safe, popular, online communities for young readers. They capitalize on the power of social media and use it in a healthy, engaging way. Consider making an account for your child and “presenting” it to them this Christmas. It is a gift that keeps on giving!


To Make History Come Alive:

Two of this year’s Newberry honors are a historical fiction and a magical adventure rooted in the Canterbury Tales. From the Newberry website:


Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley Bryan, Inspired by an 1828 estate appraisement, Ashley Bryan honors the lives of eleven slaves in poetry and collage. Conveying the terror of the patterroller and the hope of voices raised in song, Bryan imagines for each person a life of oppression and a dream for freedom.” Recommended for ages 6+; more info here

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Freedom Over Me book image



Wolf Hollow, written by Lauren Wolk, “Set in rural Pennsylvania during World War II, this compelling story of consequences addresses complex issues of bullying, PTSD, and discrimination. At the center of this atmospheric novel, articulating themes of self-reliance, hope, and justice, is our heroine Annabelle who struggles to confront her tormentor and her own conscience.” Recommended for ages 10+; more info here

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Wolf Hollow Book image



The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog, written by Adam Gidwitz, illustrated by Hatem Aly, “Informed by six years of research, and reminiscent of “The Canterbury Tales,” Adam Gidwitz has written a brand-new illuminated manuscript, a sometimes harrowing, sometimes hilarious epic about three magical friends on the run in 1242 France and their encounters with a dragon, a holy dog, and cheese.” Recommended for ages 10+; more info here

 Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - The Inquisitor's Tale image


The Best Fantasy of the Year:

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill. Winner of the 2017 Newberry award, this book is rich with storytelling, imagination, and wonder. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in this world?

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - The Girl Who Drank the Moon book image









Because Princesses Can Save Princes:

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch is an empowering story of a princess who saves her prince from the dragon. Another reason to gift it? Universal Studios just announced that a film adaptation is in the works! If your reader loves books with all the extras, get them the 25th anniversary edition brimming with bonus content!

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - The Paper Bag Princess book image








Because Adventure is Their Middle Name:

If your middle grade/tween reader thrives on adventure try out one of the following series:


The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Stewart is a fantastic, whimsical adventure about four extraordinarily gifted children who are selected for a secret and dangerous mission. Humor, wit, and exceptional storytelling make this four book series “unputdownable.” It’s also illustrated by Carson Ellis, enough said!

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - The Mysterious Benedict Society book image



The Penderwicks by Jane Birdsall is part of a four book series about four charming sisters and their quirky, widowed father. The girls are bursting with personality and get themselves into hilarious situations that keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - The Penderwicks book image



Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein is a humorous, fast-paced adventure in which a group of 12 children have to solve a complex puzzle in order to escape the library. There are two more books in the series, so the fun doesn’t have to stop!

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Ms. Lemoncello's Library Olympics book image



A Super Fun Bookmark:

Do your kids like Pokemon GO? Wizard of Oz? Cute little animals? The Etsy shop MyBookmark is full of the most delightful bookmarks you’ve ever seen! Handcrafted legs/shoes/tails stick out beyond the pages making it look like the book is hiding little creatures. This is a true gift for a bookworm!

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - MyBookmark









A Booklight with Style:

Any of these would make for great reading before (or past!) bedtime:

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Booklight imageKids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Booklight image 2Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Booklight image 3













For Your Reader That’s a Chef:

“Literary cookbooks” are all the rage! From Roald Dahl to Redwall you can probably find one to delight your reader. I was so excited to find the Anne of Green Gables; it’s available in hardcover as of September this year!

Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Literary Cookbook 1Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Literary Cookbook 2Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Literary Cookbook 3Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Literary Cookbook 4Kids Literary Gift Guide 2017 - Literary Cookbook 5








I hope you’ve found a few gifts on this list that sound just right for your reader. Happy shopping, and most of all, happy reading!




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Crisanne is the proud owner of a bookshelf that never grew up. She blogs about children’s books, faith, and family at http://www.crisannewithane.com. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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