How to Help Your Child with ADHD Without Medication


When I worked as a Child and Adolescent Therapist before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I met a lot of parents who were hesitant to put their child with ADHD on medication for various reasons.  I also heard many situations in which parents stopped their child’s medication altogether. (Related Post: How to Get Your Kids to Listen to You (And Do What You Say))

Whether the kids I worked with were on medication or not, it was my job to give them and their parents the tools they needed to increase their chances for success.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying that using medication as a form of treatment is bad.  I’m simply sharing with you other tips and treatment options you can refer to either as a supplement to medication or in place of medication.

As with other mental or physical health problems, it’s really hard to treat the condition without working on the underlying problems.  Therefore, there are important behavioral tips that parents can work with their children on so that their kids can be successful.

So here are child therapist tips on how to help your child with ADHD without medication.

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