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As a woman who is currently in her second trimester of pregnancy, I’ve definitely been struggling with getting a comfortable, full night’s sleep recently.  So this guest post by Barbara David of Mom Trusted Choice is just what I need right now.  I hope these tips help you out, too!  Thanks, Barbara!


How to Get a Better Sleep While Pregnant (the Most Effective Tips)

how to get a better sleep while pregnant
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For those of you who think that sleepless nights are only a part of post-pregnancy, I have some bad news. Insomnia during pregnancy is also a thing. Thanks to bathroom runs, nocturnal kicking, and that boulder of a belly. With that in context, do you want to know how to get a better sleep while pregnant?

Getting a good night’s rest might feel like a miracle sometimes. Your body’s hormone levels are fluctuating. So it’s only sensible to conclude that they affect your natural sleep patterns as well. In fact, it’s because of these hormones that women, on a general note, experience more sleep problems than men.

So what about finding out how to get a better sleep while pregnant? Slogging through the final months of childbearing might become easier once you know what to do. Time to feel and look energized!

What I’ve done is describe the problem and then the solution. My aim is to make the content as relatable to your personal experiences as possible. So I hope you find all the answers you’re looking for.


Problem: That Growing Baby Bump

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Tossing, turning, tossing, turning; doesn’t that sound familiar? Finding a comfortable and relaxing sleeping position is tough when your middle is oversized. In these moments, the best thing to do is sleep on the left side. Sleeping on your left offers all kinds of health benefits otherwise as well. But for pregnant women, the habit increases the flow of nutrients and blood to your baby.

Want to know how to sleep during the third trimester? Definitely not on your back! Sleeping in that position causes the baby’s weight to compress your vena cava. It’s the vein responsible for transporting blood to the heart.


Trying different positions is a great idea. And if, during the night, you wake up on your back, change the position. I used to lie down either on my right or left side. Irrespective of which side I chose, my arms would go to sleep before me. Even the couch felt like an uncomfortable spot.

So what I did was get a recliner. Lying down with the feet directed upward and hands and arms in an elevated position using pillows. This is what got me to sleep. Truth be told, it also helps in alleviating the heartburn.

But not everybody owns a recliner. I have a fix for that too. Just take a pillow and tuck it between the knees. Such a position aligns the spine and legs. The outcome of which eases pressure on your sciatic nerve. That causes all the trouble in the first place.

Or if you can afford to buy a body or pregnancy pillow, even better! These kinds of pillows support the ballooning abdomen region while also minimizing muscle stress!

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Problem: That Growing Baby

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Now you know what the wrong sleeping position during pregnancy is, don’t you? So how about we talk about the baby instead of the baby bump this time.

As the little one becomes larger, he/she starts to hog more space. And with that, your vital organs don’t get enough room. These include the lungs and bladder.


You should stay hydrated alright. But avoid consuming liquids 2-3 hours before your bedtime. And for nighttime bathroom visits, make it a point to start the dim light. Exposure to bright light even for the tiniest number of seconds triggers brain alertness. So the chances of getting back to your sweet dreams start to wane.

As for the lungs, they tend to cause shortness of breath. So at the time of lying down, prop up your body using pillows. It helps in reducing the pressure buildup in the lungs.

Problem: Stressing About What’s Going to Happen

It’s not just sleeping positions while pregnant that bother you at night. Your life is about to change and it’s only natural to feel stressed out about it. There are so many things you haven’t done yet. Your to-do list is not going to shop for those things scribbled on it now, is it? So you start to panic.


If you want to be in control, then be in control. There’s no need to complete all tasks in one day. Firstly, add only necessary or important things on that list. Eliminate the rest. And how about finishing one chore each day? I’m sure that sounds like a baby step. But you are having a baby, what did you expect?

Problem: Digestive Abnormality

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So how does one sleep during the second trimester? Cause that’s when your digestive tract realizes that there’s a human growing inside your body. Acid reflux during this period and until childbirth is quite common. The growing fetus presses against the stomach. This forces the acid to travel up to your throat.

At the same time, your hormones begin to skyrocket. The result of which is a weakened connection between your esophagus and stomach. So acid leakage is inevitable!


It’s time to start breaking up your meals into smaller portions. Consider having 3-6 smaller meals spread across the entire day. Be particularly mindful about consuming large meals during dinnertime.

Incorporate protein-rich items like eggs, peanut butter, dairy, etc. into your evening snacks or night meals. They tend to induce sleep. Combine such foods with healthy carbohydrates so that the carbs can help to carry the proteins to the brain.

For example, skim milk with a granola bar (whole-grain) or full-wheat toast with peanut butter. If you’re going to snack, you might as well snack healthy.


Pregnancy is often accompanied by sleep disturbances. And bad sleeping patterns post-pregnancy might just make matters worse. So you need to make it a point to do everything in your power to achieve a good night’s rest.

Better sleep at night should be encouraged during pregnancy and beyond.

So are you in your first, second, or third trimester? And how’s it going so far? (Related Post: How to Have a Fantastic Pregnancy with Minimal Spending)

Please do share your pregnancy stories with us here. The more useful information there is, the better techniques we can adopt to make pregnancy more comfortable.

As a former double-decker, I wish you all the luck during this time. I hope you and your baby come out healthy and happy.


About the author:

Barbara Davis is a mom blogger who creates content keeping in mind nothing but passion and purpose. She strongly believes that pregnant women and new moms don’t need more stuff. Instead, more time and thought in deciding what stuff to get is a better idea. So her work is dedicated toward helping you gain that sort of knowledge and expertise.

You can follow her on Twitter at @MomTrustChoice.





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