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I just had a baby a month ago, and I’m facing my own challenges of caring for a newborn and a (jealous) two-year-old at the same time.  So I can’t even imagine what it would be like to care for two newborn twins.

Luckily, Jennifer from shelovesbest.com has some helpful tips on caring for twin babies.  And I am happy to feature this guest post by her in order to help twin moms out.  Thanks, Jennifer!


Caring for Twin Babies: 9 Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

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Being a new mother, let alone having twins, is no cake walk.  But there are a few practical tips for new moms with twins that can help.

If you’re babysitting for twin babies, you need to read this too!  I promise you that afterward, you will know much more about caring for twin babies.

Below are the 9 Do’s of caring for twin babies, followed by the serious Don’ts!


9 Do’s for When You’re Caring for Twin Babies

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#1 Always ask for help

There’s nothing wrong with seeking help when caring for twin babies, whether you’re feeding them, burping them, or clothing them.

#2 Match their schedules

Making sure the twin babies are on the same schedule is necessary.  This includes their feeding and napping schedules.  When they’re not on the same schedule, you could end up constantly having to feed the babies.

The twin babies are growing together, which means that they must be fed together too. Here’s how you can get your twin babies on the same feeding schedule.

#3 Bottlefeed them individually

You don’t have to necessarily feed the twin babies at the exact same time, even if you want to synchronize their feeding schedules. Handling two babies at once can be challenging for newbies. So you can choose to feed one twin baby and then move on to the other.

If you want your partner to help you, they can feed one twin simultaneously.

#4 Buy baby essentials in bulk

This is necessary because twin babies go through many wipes, diapers, and powders daily. So you may need twice the number of essentials you would need for one newborn baby.

#5 Buy a video monitor

Taking care of a newborn baby is difficult enough. But caring for twins? It’s twice as difficult. That’s why buying modern surveillance gear is necessary. That way, you’ll know what your twins are up to when you’re not around!

#6 Always use a nursing pillow

Investing in a comfortable nursing pillow has many benefits. For one, it takes pressure off your back and neck. Because feeding two babies can take a longer time, you need to be as comfortable as possible. The second important reason is that it also improves the baby’s position.

The top half of a nursing pillow is slightly raised which improves digestion. This also reduces acidity and doesn’t strain the baby’s neck.

#7 Sleep them in one crib

It’s a common mistake that moms make twin babies sleep separately. In fact, they must sleep together because a sudden change in their sleeping environment could impact their mental and physical development.

Twin babies sleep better when they’re closer together. So until the time comes when they hit each other in the head due to insufficient space, one crib is fine.

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#8 Buy a baby bathtub

You need a baby bathtub to give your twins a bath at separate times. If you put one baby in the tub, you have access to everything you need from the tub itself. However, you can’t give your twins a sponge bath under the shower. It’s slippery and uncomfortable for you and the baby. But with a bathtub, you create a safe space for your baby.

#9 Keep things ready

This tip might seem too obvious. But when you’re tired from nursing, it can easily be overlooked. Make sure you have all your baby essentials in front of you when bathing, feeding, and clothing the twins.  That way, you won’t have to scramble to grab items you need last-minute while juggling two babies!


9 Don’ts for When You’re Caring for Twin Babies

Twin Babies in Diapers
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#1 Don’t give them a bath together

You can either rotate their bathing schedule or give one twin a bath during the day and the other before bed. This is until your twins can learn to sit up straight on their own.  You don’t want to gamble with the risk of the other baby falling and injuring himself in the bathtub.

#2 Don’t breastfeed them together

It’s better to alternate breasts with each baby. Twin babies share everything but appetites. It may be that one baby needs more milk than the other.

Also, deciding on alternate feeding times is good as it encourages emotional bonding with each baby. This allows you to get alone time with each baby and better understand their appetites.

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#3 Don’t stop them from crying

It can be hard to see twins cry. But when both babies cry, there’s no guilt in letting them do so.

#4 Don’t shy away from other moms

Caring for twins is not the same as caring for a newborn baby. And when you can get help from other experienced moms, there’s nothing like it!

#5 Don’t separate the twins

For the love of God, don’t keep them apart. Co-bedding newborn twins is essential because twins need to see and feel each other. That is, until they grow old enough and you can keep them in different cots.

Your twins need each other for their warmth and physical touch. This helps them sleep through the night and maintain a healthy body temperature.

#6 Don’t favor one over another

Believe it or not, this happens a lot! The simple solution is to refrain from comparing the twins, especially when it’s based on their behavior.

#7 Don’t stop them from communicating

Babies communicate in hard to understand words and phrases. You may not benefit much from it. But it’s the only way the twins can interact with each other.

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#8 Don’t forget to burp

When you burp your baby, it reduces gas and encourages digestion.

#9 Don’t overwork yourself (and the twins)

Caring for twin babies can be exhausting. You’re constantly looking after them to make sure they’re comfortable and well-fed. It’s important to take breaks every once in a while!

You know best!

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There’s a reason why people want to read more about caring for twin babies. That’s because caring for two is not as simple as caring for one. The question of “who knows best” is only answered with the help of these tips.

Are you caring for twins? Let us know about your take on caring for twin babies.


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