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The BEST Dollar Store Item Investment I Ever Made

When I was planning my wedding 3 years ago, I wanted everything to look a particular way, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money doing it.  I was beginning to feel bogged down by everything I had to buy: centerpieces, ceremony decor, candy buffet supplies.  Finally, I came across the perfect item!  And it was affordable too!  This item is so versatile that I was able to use it to meet various needs for several events, including my bridal shower, wedding, gender reveal party, baby shower, birthday parties, and holiday get-together’s.  I even use the item around the house!  Therefore, I am so glad I made this purchase because it has been the BEST dollar store item investment I ever made!

If you are going to be planning even just a few events over the upcoming years, including birthday parties, holiday parties, bridal/baby showers, or weddings, then you NEED this item.

The best dollar store investment:

So here it is!  The item that I am so glad I purchased was a case of these glass cylinder vases from Dollar Tree (affiliate link).  Actually, I bought 2 cases.  Since my purchase, I have used them for so many things.

This item is perfect to use as:

  1. Centerpieces
  2. Candle holders
  3. Candy buffet jars
  4. Flower vases – (for when your hubby surprises you with flowers)
  5. Home decor – throw wine corks, small pine cones, or lemons in them

Here are a few ways I have used them:

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Also, I purchased these small candle holders to go with the vases (affiliate link).  These smaller candle holders are shown in the picture above (bottom right).  I used the two items together along the aisles at my wedding ceremony.  I also tend to use the smaller candle holders for serving things like candy or hot chocolate bar fixings during parties.  All in all, I have found these items to be so useful, and best of all, they were inexpensive.


Well, there you have it!  My BEST dollar store item purchase to date.  What has been your favorite dollar store purchase?

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